Go India @ Vivo City

23 04 2009

Disclaimer: This was an invited food tasting session. Review is based on my personal preference but I will still be fair and harsh when I have to.

Great thanks to the dudes from HGW for the invitation and now I shall waste no time and let’s…Go India.

Go India a restaurant serving north Indian cuisine, this restaurant is conveniently located inside one of our mega shopping mall – Vivo City. If you’re looking for something different from your usual fare this might be the place for you. I like the simple ivory colour décor as it creates a soothing environment for a nice meal, to top up your dining experience, I suggest to go alfresco.(no breeze? It’s okay, they’ve overhead fan.)



We started the dinner with a plate of rolled papadum and 2 dips,a mint one and another one that taste like spicy tomato chutney. The mint dip works quite well for me, it was a refreshing and a little bit spicy however, the spicy tomato chutney(?) was just ordinary.

The following dishes were served one after another, so it was quite overwhelming for me at the moment. So here it goes…

Lamb Kakori Malai Kebab (Minced Lamb Seekhs)
– I find the taste of lamb a little too strong for my liking. The lamb texture is too minced, like too mashed up IMO.

Prawn with Garlic Butter
– One can’t go too wrong with garlic butter; the prawns were of good size and well infused with the garlic butter. I like this, perhaps can tone down a little on the salt used.

Three Pepper Fish
– The fish is well seasoned and moist but a little too salty for my liking.

Masala Crab Cake – $24 (Crab meat patty tossed in masalas dipped in tangy coconut cream sauce)
– I’ve tried masala chicken, masala mutton and even masala tea, but masala crab cake? This is my first and I simply love it. The creamy coconuty sauce compliments the juicy crab cake so well I think I can have one all to myself. I would say this is a must try dish and don’t forget your naan to go with the sauce.

Onion Chilli Cheese Kulcha – $7
– Kulcha is another kind of Indian bread that taste like naan and this one here has bits of onion, chilli and what seems like cottage cheese(?) in it. Quite good on texture and not that oily too. I hope they can put more cheese and chilli.

Aloo Papri Delhi Chat – $10 (Crisp Papris topped w chopped potatoes, onions, chillies, fresh coriander, chat masala & chutneys)
– The street food of India; this dish don’t look appetizing to me, but never judge the food by its appearance. The potatoes goes well with the chutneys, its quite a tasty snack, worth a try!

Raj Kachori Chat

Raj Kachori Chat

Raj Kachori Chat – $10 (Semolina baked cups filled w Indian spices topped with curd, mint & tamarind sauce)
– This is similar to the one above but without the potatoes. I personally prefer this one than the one with potatoes as this has a slight sour-ish taste from the curd/yoghurt dressing (I think) but it does compliment the crispy baked cups very well.

Lalla Mussa Dal – $18 (Black Lentil)
– This “plain jane” is a star on its own. Cooked for more than 10hrs, it’s so simple yet bursting with flavors. Eat it with your naan or paratha, simply delish.

Lagan Kelamb (Spicy smoked minced lamb w hot buttered Indian bun)
– The spicy smoked minced lamb is not as spicy as I thought it will be, I like this lamb, very tasty and has a nicer texture. Didn’t try the bun as I was really full by then.

Dum Briyani Lamb $18
– This is the dum one and there’s a not so dum one (heh…pte joke aside), being a briyani lover, I find the briyani here mediocre and the lamb was a little too tough.

Dum Methi Prawn – $24 (Prawn tossed with methi, cashew nut onion paste)
– This prawn is super YUM! The rich creamy gravy is super addictive, armed with more naan…ATTACK!

Roomali Roti

Roomali Roti


Roomali Roti – $7
– The manager insisted that we all should try this and the next thing we know, he’s back with the roti. Rooma means handkerchief and this roti resemble a huge handkerchief when it’s open. As for taste-wise, it’s pretty plain, not oily and quite chewy in texture.

After stuffing ourselves with all the food, we moved on to the dessert department. We ordered the following to share.

Pistachio Kulfi
– A few months ago, I had my first attempt with kulfi at Little India, it was a pretty good experience. However this kulfi here was totally different from the one I tried. The one here is much creamier and it doesn’t sit well with me.

Garam Gulab Jamun

Garam Gulab Jamun

Garam Gulab Jamun (Deep Fried Cheese/Milk Ball)
– This is your ticket to sugar heaven, only for sweet sweet tooth only. The texture is somewhat like muah chee but not that sticky. I like this, it’s happy food!

Tutti Frutti (Ice cream sundae topped with mixed fruits and shortbread)
– Vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and mixed fruits, what you see is what you get.

It was an enjoyable evening and I was so stuffed after that. Food were generally not bad however desserts don’t score that well here. For those who want to check out and get a taste of Go India, do check out their lunch buffet.

Address: 1 Harbour Front Walk, #01-152/155 Vivo City

Tel: 6378 9644

Website: www.ivorykitchen.com/singapore/goindia/go-india




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